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DPP-260B Lollipop Blister Packing Machine
  • Name: DPP-260B Lollipop Blister Packing Machine
  • Model: DPP-260B
  • Production capacity: 20 cycles/min
  • Power: 6.5kw
  • Specifications: 4400×650×1700mm(L×W×H)
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Controlled by PLC,collected light,machine,electricity and air into an organic whole.Widely used in medicine packing,food packing,cosmetics packing,etc.

Machine body can be divided into two parts,easy to enter user's workshop.Machine surface is made of stainless steel,to avoid cross.contamination.

Machine prepare inspection station.According to customer's demand,can rapidly install inspection device,to achieve detect and reject function.

According to customer's demand,machine can connect with pillow packing machine and cartoning machine,save labor cost.


Layout plan:



The Technique Data:

Max.operation speed

up to 20 cycles/min

Format Range

Max.Effective Index width 240×100mm

Max.Depth 18mm

Max.Width of Forming film 260mm

Max.Width of Lidding Material 260mm

Packaging Material

Format Material:PVC,PVDC,PET forming material,etc

Lidding Material:Alu-hard or soft Alu/paper,PP etc Heat-sealable lacquered material





Electric power connection

380V 50hz 6.5kw Three-Phase Four-Wires

Compressed Air Pressure


Air Consumption



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